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EVA Parent Resources

We have plenty of exciting projects going on in our school, and we would love to have parents of our amazing students involved! If you are interested in volunteering, please email

DPI Family Guide to Assessment Link: 

Guia Para La Familia Sobre La Evaluacion:



Reading Resources

NCDPI Literacy at Home

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Office of Early Learning has developed and released Literacy at Home.” This digital resource provides literacy activities at each grade level, pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Families and communities may access this resource for activities that specifically target the literacy skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and oral language. When children grow in each of these foundational areas, they are well on their way to becoming proficient readers.

The Reading League’s Reading Buddies

The Reading League’s Reading Buddies is an engaging foundational television series, based on the science of reading, that cleverly teaches underlying components of skillful word reading such as phonological awareness, letter names/sounds, and blending sounds to decode words.

The show features a hilarious talking dog named Dusty who, with the help of his best human friend Dott, is learning a new trick – how to read! They are joined by a kazoo-talking, robot assistant named Alphabott, and an adorable cast of human Alphabotteers. Together, they form an after-school reading club where Dusty explores letters and their sounds, social-emotional learning, and whatever else sparks his curiosity or desire for snacks! Each episode features a new “Alphabadge” for Dusty to earn, marking the progress of his reading journey. Together, along with the viewers, they are the “Reading Buddies!”  Watch for FREE anytime - YouTube channel!

If your student requires medication while at school, please fill out the form below and turn in to the Front Desk.

Student Absent Form
If your student will be/was absent for a day or more, please fill out this form below and turn in to the Front Desk.


Multi-Tiered System of Support

Medication and Self-Carry Authorization Form

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