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East Voyager Academy
A Mandarin Immersion Charter School In Charlotte

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Our Background

East Voyager Academy is a tuition-free public charter school. Our school is governed by a board of trustees and guided by the ideas and design of our charter. Working with experienced educators, the East Voyager Academy Board obtained open recommendation from the NC Charter School Advisory Board on April 11, 2017. East Voyager's inaugural school year began on August 27th, 2018. 

Our Mission

The mission of East Voyager Academy is to graduate its students with English-Chinese bilingual proficiency, strong academics, and intercultural competence.

Our Purpose​


East Voyager Academy recognizes the value of early language immersion. We firmly believe that allowing children the opportunity to learn a second language while they are young not only produces stronger students academically, but also teaches them the value of their global citizenship. Sharing cultures throughout the education process assists students in understanding and respecting the diverse peoples throughout the world.

How We Operate


Our language immersion program is designed to begin at a Pre-Kindergarten level and continues through the 8th grade. This program gives parents a bilingual educational option that will allow their children to increase career and economic opportunities in today's global economy. Classes in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade are taught using the two-teacher model. Chinese teachers instruct students in subjects such as math. An English-speaking teacher will serve as the Chinese counterpart and instruct in English offering support for vocabulary acquisition. The Chinese language becomes a part of the school day rather than an add-on subject.

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