Enrollment Priority and Weighted Lottery

EVA will follow all rules and regulations regarding enrollment priority as required by applicable North Carolina law.

The following groups will have enrollment priority at EVA in the order that follows as space permits in each grade:


  1. Children of full-time employees and board members (may not exceed 15% of total school population).

  2. Siblings of currently enrolled students who were admitted to EVA in a previous year (as determined by Charter School law G.S. 115C-218.45(f)(1)). For purposes of this subsection, "siblings" includes any of the following who reside in the same household: half siblings, step siblings, and children residing in a family foster home.

  3. Children who are considered as Educationally Disadvantaged English Language Learners (ED ELL).

Educationally Disadvantaged English Language Learners: EVA will institute a priority lottery for remaining seats available in order to achieve the goal as specified below for students meeting ELL criteria.

With each lottery, the Principal will work to identify the number of ELL seats available per grade level in order to balance students admitted across grade levels, total seats available, school resources and planned annual target.

Families will have the opportunity to complete an optional home language survey form, separate from their lottery application, where they can offer additional information in order to determine if they are eligible for the purposes of the priority lottery. This supplemental form will ask applicants to consent to verify status as ELL eligible by EVA staff, and will state no specific information will be obtained beyond eligibility status and that the information will not be retained. Choosing not to participate in the ED ELL weighted lottery will not alter chances in the general lottery.


Multiple Birth Siblings

If multiple birth siblings apply to the school, they will be “bundled” together under one unique lottery registration number. If the multiple birth siblings are pulled in the lottery when there is still at least one spot remaining in their grade level, all multiple birth siblings shall be admitted. If their application is pulled after the spots are all filled, they will be added to the wait list under a bundled registration.

East Voyager Academy Lottery Procedures

After the initial year, the school will first conduct a sibling lottery of the students admitted in the prior year if more siblings have applied than there are available spots. If there are more siblings that have applied than there are spots available, a grade level wait list will be started and students not receiving spots will be added to the wait list in the order in which they are pulled. The school will then conduct the priority lottery for ELL students. Once those two lotteries have been completed (if needed) the general lottery will begin

At the end of the published open enrollment period, if the number of the applications received exceeds the number of available slots for any grade level, a lottery drawing will be used to determine enrollment. The lottery drawing will be duly publicized and conducted in a public meeting by EVA Trustees and a NC Notary. The lottery drawing will proceed as follows:

1. For each applicant, a lottery card will be created with applicant’s information as follows:

  • the name of the student, grade level and date of birth; and

  • sibling(s), if applicable including grade(s) and date(s) of birth

2. The information on the card, as well as the lottery’s time, date and location, will be communicated to the family via email or other parent-noted preferred contact method no less than one week prior to the lottery to ensure all information is correct.

3. Students who are in grades that do not require a lottery will be placed automatically as will the siblings of those children.

4. The remaining individual cards of students who will be in grades that require a lottery will be placed in an envelope. The outside of the envelope will note only the grade level for which the applicant applied.

5. Each envelope will then be placed in a container marked with each grade level. The envelopes will be thoroughly shuffled. The containers will be stored in a securely locked location.

6. The lottery will begin with the highest grade that requires a lottery with four-year-old kindergarten being drawn last.

7. A community representative, not associated with EVA, will then draw envelopes from the container until all have been drawn.

8. The applicants name will be called out and placed on the board. The name will be recorded on an independent tally sheet.

9. In the event a student drawn has a sibling that is on the waitlist in another class, the student on the waitlist will be moved to the top of the waiting list. This will be repeated for each grade level until all grades and all cards have been drawn and a list has been created.

10. In case that a waiting list already exists, new applicants who are entitled to receive priority enrollment will be put on the top of the waiting list and the EVA Board of Trustees may then approve additional slots to honor the priority enrollment.

11. In case that an error occurred during the drawing, it will be EVA Board of Trustees’ decision to find a solution, including to conduct a redrawing.

Lottery Results

The school will post the results of the lottery on the website within 5 business days of the lottery. If a student has been admitted to the school, the parent/guardian of the student will be contacted via email unless they indicated on their application that they did not have access to email. If the parent is unable to receive email, an acceptance letter will be mailed to the child’s residence. A phone call will also be made to the parent notifying the parent of the student’s acceptance and applicable deadlines for return of enrollment paperwork. Every effort will be made to communicate promptly with all accepted families.

The results and the wait list will be updated monthly to allow parents to determine their current place on the waitlist. Parents of students placed on the waitlist will not receive communication via email or mail as to their student’s place on the waitlist. They will be asked to look at the waitlist information placed online to determine their spot on the waitlist.

Students Applying after the Open Enrollment Period

Any students applying after the open enrollment period will be placed in their respective grade if there is still space available. Otherwise, they will be placed directly after any wait-listed students from the lottery in the order in which they were received.