Frederic Policastro

5th & 6th ELA & SS Grade Teacher

Students' success is what drives my wanting to be a teacher. My education is a combination of formal learning and school of hard knocks. As a student who struggled with a hearing impairment and motor-visual coordination issues my education started with the latter mentioned. Formal learning was not easy for me. I found a niche in IT communications and was quite successful.

At 30 due to 9/11 I was displaced from my career. However, the success gave me the want to help other students who struggled. Thus, entering college at 30 to receive my formal training in English and then in Education. First was Stony Brook University, in which I chose to study American Literature. After achieving my Bachelors Degree, I entered the Masters dual study program at C.W. Post/ Long Island University. Both General and Special Education were the focus of the degree. My final thesis paper was on Constructionist verse Direct teaching. The research led me to studies on how the human brain develops and understanding the various ways of learning. This only fed my passion to help students of all levels. If I was able to overcome, so can others.