Our Administration Staff

Yesenia Escalante

Academic Assistance and Family Liaison

Dr. Junlan Li

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Junlan Li was a part of the founding members of East Voyager back in 2017. Li has been working in the field of foreign language education for more than 20 years as a teacher, administrator, and consular. She got her two bachelor degrees from Renmin University and Jiangxi Normal University in China, and two master degrees from University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Wake Forest University in the U.S. Her doctoral degree was from University of South Carolina majoring in Curriculum and instruction. Junlan Li is an expert in immersion education and was one of the three educators in both the U.S. and Canada, who won the Ai Ling Guan Educator Award 2020.

Rick Policastro

Students' success is what drives my wanting to be a teacher. My education is a combination of formal learning and school of hard knocks. As a student who struggled with a hearing impairment and motor-visual coordination issues my education started with the latter mentioned. Formal learning was not easy for me. I found a niche in IT communications and was quite successful.

Amy Chang

Instructional Technology and Registrar

Heather Escalante

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Sheldon Carrington

Communications, Marketing, and Attendance Coordinator

Renee Mathews

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Renee Mathews brings extensive Chinese language immersion and public-school administration experience as Chief Executive Officer for East Voyager Academy. She was the Director and Founding Principal of East Point Academy, South Carolina’s first and most successful Chinese Language Immersion school. East Point Academy receives many recognitions and awards for excellence in academics and Mandarin proficiency. She has a total of 36 years of experience in K-12 teaching and administration. Mrs. Mathews has served as a Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, High School Principal, Elementary and High School Assistant Principal.

Donnie Lindsey