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EVA Programs

Here at East Voyager Academy, we have a variety of different programs, activities, and resources for all of our students. Click on the pictures below for more Information, and useful links!

Library Books

Student Resources 

We want our students to be properly prepared, so we have a wide selection of online, and offline resources available to them. These include: 

  • School Library 

  • Science lab

  • iPads

  • Chromebooks

And Much More!

A.S.P.I.R.E After School Program

East Voyager Academy offers care for our students after school hours. This extended day program is academic focused on reading, writing and math, but students also have time for club participation, recess, and snacks. Preschool (4 year olds) through grade 7. Our aftercare program is available from school dismissal to 6:00pm except on school holidays (see school calendar here)

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Raising Hands

Summer Camp 

Every Year we have our students come in during the summer for summer camp. We continue immersing students in the Chinese culture and language to naturally develop their skills. Be sure your student does not miss out on this opportunity. 


Here at East Voyager Academy we have a variety of clubs and activities for our students to enjoy. These include: 

  • Girl Scouts

  • Chinese Dance

  • Kung Fu

  • Chess

  • Ultimate Frisby

And so much more!

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