East Voyager Academy of Charlotte is proud to announce its newest academic endeavor....

The DECAL program is designed to :

  • provide Mandarin immersion education in an online setting with LIVE teachers who use individual and group instruction techniques.

  • accelerate the potential of every student in K-6th grade using creative teaching tools online that maintain focus and increase attention span.

  • encourage critical thinking through our program's unique and original online virtual classroom lessons designed to encourage participation.

  • offer an opportunity to learn a second (or even third) language.

  • boost student brain capacity with the potential to grow and develop in all academic areas.

  • promote movement and active participation in the home environment.


The DECAL program is aligned to the NC standards, Math, Science, and Social Studies instruction is all taught in a Mandarin immersion setting. Standards aligned English Language Arts classes are an essential part of student learning to maintain a dual language focus.

School-Home Communication

The DECAL Program fosters strong continual communication between the school, teachers, students and their families.  We strive to attain efficient and effective school and teacher accessibility, so parents will always know and understand student progress.


Enrollment in the DECAL Program is limited. As we open up our classes this fall, online class sizes are kept small to enable the students to feel comfortable in an environment where their teacher is able to provide individual attention each day. This is a critical part of learning. Children need to feel that they are part of a caring, nurturing classroom setting.   


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